Friday, February 26, 2016

FO from another place sweater for Great Northern KAL

How the heck did I finish a sweater in 10 days?! This is unheard of for me. I worked on this relentless because I'm a crazy person and had this nagging voice in my head saying "you are not going to finish, pick up the pace! You can't make a sweater in 6 weeks." Take that voice of unreason! In true me form I said "oh yeah, I'll show you!" Because I'm a stubborn child. And here we are.

Great Northern KAL

It felt really good to take some time and do something for me. Yes, I knit regularly, but it's always for someone else, which I love to do but doing something that's purely selfish feels pretty darn good sometimes. Almost like a vacation. I definitely skirted my responsibilities and knit while the kids did quiet things breaking my own rules.Tough cookies children!

I really enjoyed every part of this sweater, the directions were simple and straightforward. I had to bug Someone for the third page update. I feel really bad for being a pain whilst they were sick. Sorry lady!

From Another Place Sweater

I used a around 850-900 yards, I frankensteined one skein around all the color work and collar. That one skein was both significantly darker and lights than the others. Had I known that I would have ended up with a whole extra skein I wouldn't have bothered, but I couldn't have possibly known that. I used size 7s for the body and 4s for the ribbing. Some of the ladies in the KAL had problems with their cropped version during blocking, I was extra careful while it was wet to keep it from getting all wonky.

Thanks Scribs for taking pictures and chopping my head off in most of them. I hope you enjoy the awkward poses.

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