Friday, May 29, 2015

Photo Friday

Just a few things I've found around the yard.

Scribs farm

What have you got planned for the weekend?

The chickens are 12 weeks!

Holy moly 3 months old! This morning 10 ladies were roosting when I opened their windows.
Ducky and Goldman Quacks are a huge pain! They push the other chickens out of the coop or block the door. They haven't figured out the ramp yet, and are fast little runners. Trying to put them in at night isn't a fun task.

12 week chickens

12 Weeks

The chicken door is opened around 10 am everyday and we put them back around 8:30, sometimes theres no one to put in. There is a huge opossum living under the neighbors barn, I'm worried if I open the door earlier it will get in.

buff orpington red sex link rir khaki campbell

khaki campbell ducks

Goldman Quacks showing off her wings. Those silly ducks, I wonder if they think they can fly?
Some come outside everyday, some not so much. Nancy Drew (red sex link) seems to be by far the smartest. She comes and goes as she pleases.
Ragnar and Faux-Roo seems to be getting along, we'll see how long that lasts!

Faux-Roo Nanncy Drew
Faux-Roo and Nancy Drew. We're not sure if Faux-Roo is a rooster or not, I suppose I could just check for boy parts. 

I try to bribe them to come out with various weeds from along the grass. They seem into it. Once they're out, they're happy. A few have gone for adventures as far as the barn. They mostly hang out around their coop.

12 week pullet

free range outside chickens

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Garden update for May!

May Update
Finally there is some progress! I have 12 rows and here's what's in em! Everything is planted!

row 1 is cucumbers both pickles and slicers, and some micro greens
2 broccoli, cauliflower, tomatos, garlic and wallawalla onions
3 tomatos of various varieties
4 onions
5 eggplant and bell peppers in a rainbow of colors
6 carrots various kinds
7 Brussel sprouts, parsnips and zucchinis
8 peas and beans
9 squash and lettuce
10 more squash of varying varieties, and some random tomatos
11 corn with room for anything that needs to be thinned
12 corn and spinach

This post is very photo heavy. You've been warned!



I go from thinking we don't have enough room and vegetables to being completely overwhelmed by how much we will have if everything grows well. Add nearly a dozen eggs a day on top of that and there will be a lot of food!


I've already got ideas for next year. I'd really like to grow asparagus. I didn't think it was cold enough but our favorite master gardener said it does. He's the expert! I really want to try and grow peanuts even if it's just a plant or two and cranberries. I joke with Scribs that our feild turns into a bog in the winter anyways. I'm also thinking about a fence next year to keep the rabbits out. I know they're going to have a feast once everything starts coming up, but as soon as I put a fence up I'm going to want to expand the garden.


Now I'm just getting ahead of myself. The next step for me is keeping everything healthy. Most of the vegetables like nitrogen and coffee is a good source. Vegetables like coffee? We are so the same!
I've also been doing mini-trench composting between plants to amend the soil. Our soil turns very hard when it dries. I'm talking you could build a house out of it. Like bricks.

I'm in full on battle mode with the slugs. Those little jerks are eating EVERYTHING. I've tried beer with not great results, copper nothing. I've moved on to Sluggo, everyone seems to be singing it's praises. We'll see. So far I've been picking them up (gross!) and feeding them to the ducks.

scribs farm

scribs farm

Now we water,wait and play vegetable-or-weed.






Our peppers aren't doing great, I'm going to have to look into what to do to help them out!
I can't wait until the June update! I'm excited to see how everything progresses! 
How is your garden coming?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Currently Coveting

We have one big tree in our yard, just one. That's really the only tree. I don't count the wind-break cedars because I don't like them. So for now we have one lonely tree. I'm dreaming of a yard (and field) filled with 60 foot tall climbing trees that turn every shade of autumn. I'm specifically looking for trees that will change the brightest and boldest hues and are BIG!

Of course I only picked trees that would grow in my zone but there are so many more that I would love to have. 
There will be no tree planting this year, but a girl can be hopefull for the future. This old house has a great list of fall foliage trees!

My links are all from fast growing trees. This is not a sponsored post, I just really am drooling over their trees! If they want to send me some, I wouldn't be one to complain!

Potentially very big news coming soon!

That's all I'm going to say for right now. I'm waiting for a bit more information but I have some pretty big news coming up in the next two weeks. I'm really excited about it, I really can't wait to share!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday Motivation (on a Tuesday!)

Monday Motivation

Did you have a relaxing long weekend? We had some decidedly not-fun things to do (get new tires, grocery shopping on the Saturday of a long weekend. Bleck!), But it was a productive week! My garden is 100% planted! There will be more on that Thursday. Scribs and I weeded our strawberry patch, let me tell you putting them where the compost was, was both a great and stupid idea. Everything is growing great, weeds included! I moved one massive pile of compost, 2 left and only found 2 wasp or hornet hives, 1 bone and 1 livestock tag.

I'm hoping this week I can get my new clothes line up (Thank you MIL!), laundry detergent made (have you ever made your own?),  garden weeded, and deck swept. Not too much. It's been cooler here this week, I hope it continues. I like wearing pants and a sweatshirt, I know soon enough I'll be in shorts sweating like there's no tomorrow.

What are you working toward this week?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Photo Friday

Scribs Farm

This is what you're missing while you're sleeping!

What are you up to this weekend? I'll be outside, unless it's raining. I'm hoping to get a path down to the river cleared out. We haven't been down to the banks yet. The wild blackberries are already coming in, they are out of control!I have no idea what we'll do with so many this year! Jams, jellies, pies, scones.... Any ideas?

What are you up to this weekend?

...I just realized it's a long weekend! Even better!

Chickens at 11 weeks

RIR 11 weeks

Every week I still think they are little peepers! Turns out they are actual chickens now. When the kids and I go out in the morning, I open the chicken door for a while and let them come out if they so choose. Only a few have been so brave and only 1 has gone back in the coop by herself. That would be Nancy Drew, she comes out, eats and pecks around for a while and hops on the ramp and goes back in.

11 weeks
Ragnar the Rooster is almost always the first to jump out. That little guy (who makes the funniest noises right now!) loves to be outside. I took him over to the other side of the yard with kids so he could explore. I figured if he is going to be in charge he needs to learn his surroundings. He mostly stayed right by us. I did see him checking the skies a time or two, that's a good start.

11 weeks

And then there's the ducks. Trying to catch those little buggers is a huge pain. They block the door most of the time, take one step out on the ramp and then try and go back in. about half the time they miss and fall out of the coop. They are perfectly happy to be outside (unless they are separated) and are a huge paint try and get back in!
6 week ducks


Our garden is a bit over run with slugs right now, lucky for them I round 'em up every morning for a breakfast treat. You're welcome!

Every few days someone else figures out the roosting situation. There was 5 chickens on 2 roosts last night. Peepers has been leading the way for everyone. She still stays mostly by herself except and  night when it's a chicken snuggle-fest.

nipple waterer

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chicken coop

The coop is finished and outside! I've got to give it to Scribs, he did a great job! He made the whole thing, painted, roofed, made the feeder and water-er, and will be putting up a gutter and rain barrel. Good job, Scribs!



Nice sturdy base 




All framed out. 

fold up roosts

fold down poop deck
The roosts and poop-deck fold down for easy cleaning. We did our first cleaning and I did bump my head a few times and bumped the water-er but after a few times I think I'll get it. Way WAY easier to clean than the brooder box. 

The coop was a bit of a challenge to get outside. Thankfully the brut-strength team will work for ice cream!


The coop is nice and high off the ground, no predators will be tunneling into this fort. The chickens will be nice and high if (more like when) we get flooded again. If the water reaches the floor of the coop we've got bigger problems!

nesting boxes
Nesting boxes with a happy yellow door when the girls are ready. 

pvc feeder
We put the feeder on the people-door for easy access, holds nearly 25 lbs of feed. 

PVC waterer
The nipple water-er is great, those girls empty it in just over 2 days. Sure beats going out 5 times a day to re-fill. 


There she is, I think Scribs did a great job! We are adding a gutter and rain barrel soon.