Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wip Wednesday 2 sweaters? what the what!

construction truck sweater

Soooo I was going to started something for myself. I had had yarn in my basket for two sweaters for ages! Crazy, I know. Then, a certain LoveBug boy asked me for a sweater, you got it kid. He doesn't like the red yarn I picked but too bad! The amount I'll use for the fair isle isn't worth buying something I'll never use the rest of. Tough cookies boy!

knits for boys

My favorite Mother-in-Law asked me for mittens. You got it, lady! Now, of course I could just bang out any old mittens, but that would be boring. I had to make her something a bit sassy. So there you go. I'm certainly not complaining about people asking for knits, I'll gladly do it!

Mrs Crosby Steamer trunk

And then I thought about my goals for this year, "Knit something nice for myself." The Great Northern KAL started February first. A KAL is a knit-a-long for you non-knitters. It's my first, pretty fun so far. Anywhoo, I certain SOMEONE twisted my rubber arm. I swear, the knitting peer pressure from this one!

Great Northern KAL

I've started From Another Place, using some on the yarn that was in my basket from 35 million years ago. I wanted to make the cropped version, I've never made or worn a cropped top and wanted to get out of my comfort zone a bit but after really thinking about it, I came to the realization that I will NEVER wear a cropped top, even with high waisted pants the weird post-baby belly button would be right there. No thanks! TMI? Whoops! So I'm making the long version.


I'm just a few days away from starting the color work! It has been so nice out the last 2 days that we've been out and about, no time for stitches! The rain is coming back, so I'll be able to sneak in a few rounds. I'm hoping I will be able to finish by the March 14th deadline but thats a bit of a stretch for me. The colors I'm using are Wild Huckleberry (purple) and African Grey which I'm obsessed with. I love this color way to the point where I'm considering making a fully onesie jump suit and wearing nothing else. I'm kidding.... kind of. The subtle variations in both yarns are perfect! I would consider choosing colors to be... not my strong suit. I am very happy with these two. Alright, thats enough rambling from me, I've got some knitting to do!

What are you working on?

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