Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Just checking in, kind of like WIP Wednesday.

We've been busy little bees as always. My parents came to visit and I had some much needed help, I was pretty productive while they played with he kids. The fence around the garden is finished! Sucks to be you chickens and rabbits! I finally went shopping alone and bought myself some new clothes, not too exciting but I so rarely do anything for myself. I haven't bought new shorts since before Mr. Lovebug was born. He'll be 5 in December if that tells you anything. I didn't get Mr. Lovebug's room painted but thats ok, I still need samples and all that jazz. Another day.

Heirloom vegetables

It is officially summer vacation! The weather has been crummy to say the least. It's been almost 90 and now this week barely into the 60s and rainy. This dreary weather is so draining! The kids don't want to go outside, there's no sun, it's just... bleck! Oh well.

Grow your own strawberries

We've been eating lots of strawberries form the yard but they're almost done for the season. Pretty soon it'll  be black and blueberries. Can't wait! The berry fields have their sound machines on, which isn't as bad as last year. They have moved the alien abduction sounds to the other side, I'm guessing out of courtesy.
Tiger Moth

Naturebaby is being especially nature-y. She's learning about bugs as per usual, which means I'm learning about bugs and when inside she's big into jigsaw puzzles. Mr. Lovebug wants to play video games all day. Obviously that's not happening. My parents brought him a learning book to learn letters and things, we bought him special super-hero pencils to use and I'm hoping we'll put a big dent in it by the end of summer. He really isn't into writing or drawing so getting him to try is a challenge. I'm hoping the special pencils and 1 letter a day helps.

Isabella tiger moth caterpillar

And I bought an ice cream maker. Goodbye egg sales! I made strawberry ice cream the other day with berries from our patch and the chicken's eggs. I've only had a spoonful, I'm worried the eggs will make me sick. Did I mention I can't eat eggs without feeling like I wish I was dead. Yeah, there's that.  Anyways it's delicious! Next up will be an eggless base so I can eat until I wish I was dead for a completely different reason. I'm starting to think perhaps I need a dairy producing animal.

Homemade strawberry ice cream

How is your summer going? I know I haven't been around but you know, life.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Cost per dozen for May 2016

backyard flock cost per dozen

I'm pretty sure I say this every month, but how is it June already? I feel like I have a million and a half things to get done before next week. Oh well, so it goes.

May was a pretty good laying month, a really good selling month, almost no left over eggs to speak of and almost everyone is paid up. Sounds good to me!
Someone who shall remain nameless is broody. Again. She is cracking eggs. Again. And covered in egg gunk. again. she really needs a bath on of these days. I'm not thrilled about it, but at least no one was eaten. No eagle attacks, no predator attacks of any kind.

The girls laid 214 eggs, (17.83 dozen) I sold $57, spent $55.76 and made a whole $1.24 for my troubles. I'm not complaining, the girls pay for our eggs and their feed.

They have been making their way into the garden, which means I need to finish putting up the fence and they're traveling to the neighbors yards. I should just build them a run and call it a day but I like them roaming around and eating whatever they'd like.