Saturday, November 21, 2015

At the airport

I arrived at 5:15 am, nothing is opened. I bought my $37 bottle of water and $8 muffin and am waiting to board. It seems like everyone is miserable. I'm sitting watch awful Tv with the posture of a teenager listen to people. It's always entertaining. A woman is speaking loudly on her phone complain about her need of wine.
I'm headed to a small town, the last time I was there, the current technology is stuck in 1963. I'm not hopeful for wifi.
I've got some sleeves to work on, on the plane. I hope I brought enough yarn. See you later Internet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When it rains it pours.

We still have standing water, there is another flood coming today and my grandpa died this morning. I don't have much us to say other then my plate is full, I'm trying my best to keep it together. I can't handle anything else.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nothing last forever, even cold November rain.

The sun has come up, the water has begun receding and soon we can begin the clean up. There is still a few feet of water in the yard, but the grass is becoming visible in spots, most of the water has drained from the barn. It has since started raining again. We're expecting around half an inch. My neighbor just let me know that the foldaway is already over flowing. It's going to be a long night. Again. I had 3 hours of sleep last night.

Here's what we're dealing with less than 24 hours later.
November flood
The view from out neighbor's driveway

grass covered in mud
Everything is covered in grey-brown dirt, beetles included.

right in the center is water spewing from the ground.

after a flood
The water was up to the top of the second tread.

water line
This debris is mulch washed in from the berry fields. It is everywhere.

receding waters
A lot of the water has receded but there is still a lot left.

flood dirt
I have no idea how this flower isn't grey. It is surprisingly inspiring. 

sandbox washed away
The kid's sandbox washed across the yard, cover and brick along with it. 

flood water
There is tiny bubbles all over.

I assume the helicopter is checking extent of the flood.

flood waters
what's left behind as the water recedes. 

flood water dirt
worm tracks

nooksack flood
there's my garden and my brussel sprouts I was planing on having for thanksgiving.

nooksack flood
water lines in the barn
water lines from flooding
water lines in the barn
nooksack flood
water line on the house and left over flood water.

We have another flood watch until Wednesday. I'm hoping most of the water is gone tomorrow. We also have a lot of cleaning to do but that isn't going to happen until the flood watch is over. I was pretty calm yesterday, now I'm getting pretty anxious. I haven't decided yet if I need to start moving furniture to the upstairs yet. I am going to get all the laundry done before Wednesday.

Here's the aftermath from last year's flood.

Cold November rain

So. This is happening.

A mere few hours ago there was nothing, barely even wet ground. We've moved everything that we could and now we wait. The river crested hours before we were wet.

This was our barn tonight. I went to bed a few hours ago and was woken up to check on the barn. when we first went out, the water was mid-calf, no where near the top of my boots, probably around 11:30 and now at 1:30 am its over the top of my boots. The river crested and, according to maps is dropping quickly. I thought I could see the floating debris heading back out towards the river, which is a good sign, that might have been from our walking though.
Yes, I know it's terrible idea to walk in flood waters but we had a few things that we weren't prepared to have soaked, like the car.
While I'm pretty anxious about it, I'm surprisingly calm. I expected to be freaking out and maybe even crying but as long as it doesn't get in the house, I'll be fine. We'd need anything 4ish feet of water for that to happen. It is supposed to rain all weekend though, we'll see.
I will take real pictures in the morning of whats left, we're already preparing for the clean up and preparing for next time.
I'll be staying up at least until the bottom step to my porch are visible again.

I apologize if this is riddled with typos, I'm sick and a wee bit distracted. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WIP Denali Sweater part two


Here we go, round two of my Denali sweater by Brooklyn tweed! You can find part 1 here! We have been sick and sick and sick some more around here. I'm amazed that we're all still mostly upright. I play a game of "Allergies or am I getting sick?" almost daily. It's really fun! Here's how you play, wake up with a sore throat and start sneezing 5 or 6 times every 10 minutes. Take a guess, Allergies or sick? Then wait a little while until your nose is completely blocked and still dripping like a faucet. Hmmm which could it be? It's really a great time to be had. I suggest avoiding it at all costs.

And now, on to the WIP.
(Yes, I'm singing Salt N Peppa's push it, but as WIP it because that's what I do!)

Denali front

This picture, is almost the same spot in the knitting as I was last month, except there is one big difference, I was working on the back last month. PROGRESS! HURRAY! Once again, I'm using 85 stitch markers, it worked for me last time so why mess with a good thing. I put on my big girl pants and used the slant-bind off as per the directions and didn't just go at it willy-nilly. 

The cable pattern is super simple to memorize and work while watching TV, but a tad too difficult to do while falling asleep watching TV. I know my limits and the last thing I want to do is rip back cables and hope to get them back on the needles in the right spot in the pattern. 

Denali back and front

As far as I can tell I haven't messed it up yet. I was a bit skeptical until I blocked the back (and of course didn't take a picture), and made sure it was going to fit Scribs. I have yet to weave the ends for the back for the reason above. I can see how it is all going to come together, hopefully I can keep on the no-stupid mistakes path. 

Until next time Denali, I hope I'll be working on sleeves this time next month. 

I do have some non-knitting posts coming up, I swear!