Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Backyard chickens

The girls are finally laying after a rough winter for them. The majority of them had a hard molt in the fall, a freezing winter without a lot of outdoors time and being miserable leads to a lack of egg production.  Spring is officially here in the Pacific North West! The tulips and daffodils are up, weeds are growing everywhere and the trees have tiny little buds. The girls are enjoying foraging for bugs most of the day, taking dust baths and getting into their usual trouble. 

During March most of the chickens started laying again. We had 168 eggs! So far each day of April they've laid 9 eggs a day. I think I have 4 dozen in my fridge. Hopefully those will be gone this week, sold or otherwise. 

I've started my spring cleaning and chores. The garden is about a quarter of the way ready to be plowed. The berries are in their new homes and I've planted some trees and hedges. Don't worry I'll do a proper update on everything. I still have some forsythias to be planted in their new home. I really like planting trees. 

Anywhoo back to the chickens. They're coop needs a good deep cleaning, that's going to be a big project. I'd like to replace their roosts, sand their nesting boxes and replace the poop-deck. I haven't put it back in since the coop blew over last year.

So many things to do!

Thursday, February 9, 2017


I can actually say we have snow on the ground! And a lot of it! I always hated winter and snow but now, perhaps it is just the novelty of it, but I am loving it! The kids have never had real, stick to the ground snow.

There has been inch or so a few times before. Last year, and this year in November and December... once. We made the most of those little glimpses of winter. Bundling up (like snow ninjas), making soggy snowmen, coming in soaking wet and sipping hot chocolate by the fire. Walking to school was an adventure! Mr. Lovebug was a snow plow on the bridge and we caught huge snow flakes on our tongues.

This past week we had SNOW! Real, stick to the ground, play- in snow. We built a megafort, threw snowballs, ate icicles and came inside caked in snow with glowing pink cheeks.

Now it is above freezing and raining and soon our magical play thing will be gone. Gone for how long, we don't know. I'm so grateful that we had this snow week. School has been canceled for the whole week. The roads are a mess, they have no idea how to cope with snow in Washington! I can hear the ice on the roof cracking as I reminisce on our small peek at real winter.

There was a coyote in our yard (not the field). It took off when I went out there, I'm guessing it was just hungry and looking for some mice snacks....or chickens. Not on my watch, friendo!

Nature baby climbed on the hill I made after the first snow. We really weren't expecting it to continue. And then, behold mega fort! Which became a drift taller than me. The kids climbed, slid and jumped for hours.

Honey wasn't having any of it and it was hilarious. 

Today, it is raining. Everything is covered in ice from freezing rain. The trees are heavy, all you can hear whilst the wind is blowing is the ice cracking as the trees bend and break. It's loud and beautiful.
The snow will soon be gone and we'll be back to rain. Rain. Rain. More rain. The snow will be missed as I pack away our winter gear in the upcoming week. 

The maple syrup still runs thick through my veins.