Monday, November 3, 2014

Some pictures from around the farm

I am definitely no photographer. I have no idea how to use photoshop, nor do I have it. I can crop and remove red-eye from pictures. Thats about it. I will say that I LOVE the macro setting on my old camera. It's probably close to 10 years old. I know, I'm so not up to date with my technology!

Here's whats been going on around here lately.
A few weeks ago, maybe a month, (I'm not sure I have no concept of time anymore) There were hundreds of lady bugs flying around! I went outside for a few minutes and had 10 on me. They were everywhere. I'm guessing its from all the corn fields being cleared but I could be wrong. It was kind of magical!

Our hole-y, lichen covered barn is pretty spectacular. There's a Northern Flicker that likes to hang out inside while it's rainy. I call him Harold. He's pretty tough to get a picture of. He's coming around. Last week instead of panicking and flying around the very top of the rafters, he was flying around just above the lights. I think I'm wearing him down. It is supposed to rain most of the week (What a shocker!) I'll have to try and sneak in and steal his soul. 

Crows have been rolling walnuts off the barn roof to crack 'em open. They got one right in between the fire pit stones. There's a murder of around 60 hanging around the fields. 

First thing I noticed when we moved in was the enormous, fully bloomed hydrangeas. Who know the leaves would change to such a pretty color. I'm slowly learning how to care for all the plants we have, let me tell ya, it's a daunting task. 

Last one from the lady bug invasion. There's still a few lady bug stragglers hanging around. I found one on the ceiling yesterday morning and a few upstairs this weekend. 

Things are busy as usual around here. Whenever it isn't raining the Scribs are running around trying to get as many outdoor projects done as possible. I have taken a ton of pictures that just need some of those pesky words to go along with them! Every time I sit down to write, upload pictures or get anything done thats when the kids wake up. Speaking of which….