Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Motivation


Holy! A bit of radio silence on my part. We had a busy, and a bit difficult week. The berry field next to us started with their bird-scaring sound machine. It sounds like a combination of crows being murdered and alien abductions. It's LOUD and plays every 30 seconds for 17 hours a day. It's a bit much.Oh, and guess what! It doesn't work. The birds are sitting the fields not moving and I assume chowing-down on delicious berries! Needless to say I've been a bit frazzled with the noise torture.  I'm hoping to be a bit more on top of things this week! There will be a chicken update on Friday. Scout's honor! (I'm not a scout of any kind, does that matter?)

This week, hopefully I'll be able to get some knitting done! I'm this close to finishing one baby knit, but by the time the kids are asleep I'm so tired that following the pattern seems impossible.

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