Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday motivation

I love barn wood! I could take pictures of sun bleached barn for days!

sun bleached barn

We had the most beautiful weekend! It was warm, slightest breeze and no cow-poop smell (one of the joys of country living in the spring)
Scribs did some great work on the chicken coop. Let me tell, that thing is nice! 
I did some more work in the garden. We got this hoe and it is a game changer! It's making quick work of the hard clay soil. I still have a ton of work to do and I need to get those seeds and plants planted. 

This week my mother in law gets here! Hurray! That means I can hopefully get some real work done. She's only here until Saturday. I'm hoping she'll come back after she visits the rest of the grandkids. If I get the garden planted I will be happy! That's it. I say that's it like its a small project that'll take 15 minutes. Each row takes an hour to form. I'm so unbelievably sore already. I just hope my hands (and back) don't fail me! My hands are a blistered mess, every time I use different gloves and I get new blisters in different spots. I can't win! When I'm finished the rows I'll post a picture of my mess of hands!

Any goals for this week? I'd love to hear them!

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