Friday, April 17, 2015

Chickens week 5

Well week 5 for some, 3 for others and 1, I think for the ducks. Everyone is doing well, the ducks are hilarious! Have you ever seen a duck try and jump onto a roost? I'll try and get a video next time!
Cuckoo Chanel has almost all her feathers, just a tiny bit of fluffy sticking out. Same with the rirs, and buff orpingtons. The red sex link and mystery chick... I don't know, they're a mess! Fluff and feathers. Messy!
5 week mystery chick

Ragnar and Barred Simpson are bum and wing feathered and still have body fluffs. They are hoping around, jumping onto the roosts. Ragnar is starting to show those ladies who's boss. One of the rirs ran at him, he stood up tall and stood his ground. Take that Henny Penny. I'm pretty excited for that little guy to start crowing but I still have a few months to wait.
5 week red sex link
Ragnar won't have a blue head for too much longer!

1 week duck
Everyone seems to be getting along, and the ducks think they're chicks. Oh well! 

3 week rir rooster barred rock 1 week khaki campbell duck

buff orpington pullet

RIR cuckoo maran buff orpington red sex link barred rock

Cuckoo Chanel the cuckoo Maran is by far the biggest she also doesn't like my camera.

I know this picture is out of focus! One of the Rhode Island Red girls keeps jumping onto of the duck's water bottle. I'm not sure if it's just one or all of them. Those girls like to be high! 

5 week cuckoo maran rhode island red red sex link buff orpington

Barred Simpson wasn't having it! 

jumped out

The first successful escapee! The 5 weekers are trying to hop out every time I take the top off. This little hoppy lady was the first to succeed! She just stood there and the others just looked at her! Silly chickens!

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