Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Motivation

If ever there was a day that I needed a little motivational boost it's today. I am tired! Last night after the kids were in bed I sat down and felt like I melted into the couch. It's not the regular I'm ready for bed tired or I didn't sleep well. It's a bones aching, feeling slow and heavy tired. I purposely didn't have a load of laundry to hang allowing myself a slow morning. Good thing! N was up at 4, and that threw everything off. Is there anything worse than being woken up an hour before your alarm and not being able to go back to sleep until about 15 minutes before your alarm goes off? I should have just gotten out of bed! Alright complaining over, on to the weekend!

berry field

This weekend we had a bit of excitement! Saturday while eating lunch I saw something in the field, dog maybe? Grabbed the binoculars but still wasn't sure if it was a fox or a coyote. The mystery animal went into the neighboring berry field and I lost sight of it. An hour or so later, it was back! And this time I got a good look at his face. Coyote spotted making a day time appearance. I think we may need to get some nuisance tags. I'd rather not have to shoot anything but if it comes near our chickens or worse, us, I'll take that thing out in a heart beat. That would be interesting trying to explain to the kids!

Did you have a nice Easter? the kids had a great time!

The kids have been spending more and more time outside, which is good! We're spending around 8 hours out there! I'm sure thats making me tired, while they're napping I'm working. By the end of the summer I'm going to have some big farm muscles! I'm very grateful for the warm weather, more than 12 hours of sunlight and the many projects we have on the go.

This week it's supposed to be warm and sunny! HURRAY! I need to get my lawn cut, I'm hoping to get some straw for the garden and maybe vacuum! Vacuuming seems so pointless but I guess I should do it, between the sandbox and the dog the floors are a mess!

What are you goals for this week? Something fun I hope!

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