Friday, April 10, 2015

Chicks 4 weeks

The ducks have arrived! We have two Khaki Campbells. They seems to be mixing in with the flock quite well. Those little ladies are funny! The wag their little bums like dogs!
Barred Rock chick 2 weeks
Barred Simpson checking out the ducklings
The chicks are very chicken like, trying to get as high as they can, scratching in the shavings and catching any fluffy down floating around. They are mostly friendly, especially the Rhode Island Reds, they let me pet them when I change their food and water. Except Thursday morning one bit me! It was after I checked the ducks bums, maybe the RIR didn't like that. 

Barred Simpson and Ragnar have their wing feathers and some bum feathers and that's about it so far! The rest are mostly feathers with gross-looking heads. 
2 weeks
Ragnar the rooster showing off his tiny feathers!

4 week old chick
Buff Orpington

4 week old hen

water nipple
Buff Orpington

2 week RIR rooster, barred Rock
Cuckoo Chanel is pretty elusive, she's starting to get her white spots! She'll be a beautiful girl one day!

4 week roosting
They're getting pretty good at getting up on the roosts.

4 week feathers
Look at those real chicken wings!

4 week RIR Buff Orpington

I've become hyper-aware of predators in the last month. I've always notice the hawk and eagle calls but now I'm aware of them hunting our feild and close by. The Eagles rarely come close to the house as their net is right by the river, but the Hawks are around usually between 10am and 12:30. Not to mention our daytime coyote sighting! Good thing the chicks (and kids) weren't outside!

I can't believe that we've had most of these girls for a month! Next step it's time to get out of the brooder and into the coop!

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