Thursday, April 16, 2015

Growing Pineapples

Did you know that you can grow a pineapple from the leafy top? I didn't, but I guess it's true. I found some very simple and intriguing directions on how to do it from Tickled Red. And I just so happen to have a pineapple.

I chopped the top off, put it in water and into the sun for 3 days as directed. Isn't this picture glorious?

growing food from scraps

After 3 days plant it in a pot, indoors unless you live a tropical location. Water it twice a week and wait.  and wait and wait some more. Forget it'll ever grow a pineapple and just wait some more. In 2 to 3 YEARS you'll have some a new pineapple. Like I said, forget it's a pine apple and just pretend it's a house plant.

planted pineapple top

I planted mine in half a milk carton. I'm skeptical that it'll grow but it's worth a shot! If I don't kill it and it actually shows signs of life I'll make it a nice hanger in a decent pot. But like I said, I'm skeptical.

I'll let you know. Have you tried this? Did it work?

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