Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garden update!

I've been meaning to talk about the garden for a few weeks but sadly I haven't made much progress until the last 2 weeks. We were planning on getting straw and top soil to build up some raised rows but after a visit from our favorite master gardener we scraped that idea. He suggested that we were just making more work for ourselves since our soil is good (I wouldn't say good, but what do I know), it's already tilled and has a lot of compost and organic materials. His suggestion was to just build up raised rows using the tiled earth. That's what we've been doing.

It takes me about a hour and 15 minutes to get one row finished. Our soil is heavy clay and is especially tough around the edges. We bought this Prohoe hoe and that is helping a lot but a lot of the soil still needs to be broken up into smaller pieces. I've found just stabbing and twisting it with this hand cultivator works best.

We have 11 30 foot rows. I've already planted most of a row of tomatoes, I'm going to wait a few weeks to plant the rest so we don't have a billion tomatoes that are ripe at the same time, aside from tomatoes I planted a row of onions, a row of various carrots, half row bell peppers of varying colors, half a row of egg plant, broccoli and cauliflower. Something…rabbit… has eaten 2 of my broccoli plants. I went out to check everything is morning and 2 were mysteriously missing. You want to play this game rabbit, you will lose!

I've got to say that my body is sore. Last week I hurt my already sore back and needed to let it rest. Unfortunately things still need to be done, after almost a week of resting it's finally starting to feel better. And it's going to rain today. The perfect excuse not to garden.

Raised rows

Next month I'm sure I'll be able to show you a bit more! One of our tiny pepper plants already has the beginning of flowers! Thank you started in-doors seeds!

I'd love you hear how your garden is coming along, I know after the longest winter in history it's going to take some work!

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