Friday, April 3, 2015

Chickens! Week 3 update!

We have entered their ugly stage. The RIRs look like old ladies wearing feather coats. They're wings are wings with feathers, they're bodies have feathers poking out all over but their heads are still mostly down with some little beginnings of feathers. They are big! My goodness! I think they double in size each week. Those girls are rowdy! I can't wait for it to be warmer so they can get outside. This is the only picture I could get of all of them together. They are not fans of having their photos taken.

brooder box
They are very much acting like chickens. It's monkey see, monkey do in there, more like chicken see, chicken do. They have learned how to use their water nipples. They are definitely roosting on their roosts, but not sleeping up there yet. A roost is a stick for them to sleep and sit on. They are sleeping a bit spread out but Barred Simpson and Ragnar the Rooster snuggle up to the ladies, sometimes in between 2.

3 weeks

We lost our first rooster last week. Poor little guy just wasn't right, we had to get another, I think he's from the same group of chicks. Ragnar and Barred have some of their wing feathers. They are a week and a half to two weeks younger than the rest.

Barred Rock

Cuckoo Chanel (the big black Cuckoo Maran) is pretty elusive! She is also pretty ugly right now. She is by far the biggest! Barred Simpson (the little black Barred Rock) was pretty rowdy but has calmed down.

3 week chicks

Those chicks being chicks, pretty soon they'll be big old birds!

3 weeks

Look at her little feathers! And her nose thing! I'm down with the chicken lingo.

Barred Rock 1 week

 Surprisingly none tried to fly onto the camera!

3 weeks

Look at that bird! No more little fluffy head!

Buff Orpington Rhode Island Red 3 weeks

Little bird snack time! Look at that feather collar on the left! 

3 weeks

Last one! Lot's of photos! It's really hard to get pictures of all of them. Usually a few are looking normal and one is running around and turns into a blur or look demonic!

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  1. Woa, they have all really grown now. Thanks for sharing!