Thursday, April 30, 2015

day trip up the mountains

Scribs and I took a trip up to the mountains for a little day-date sans-kids. Thanks Mother-In-Law for  watching them! Let me tell you, I understand why Pacific North Westerners say PNW is best. I am becoming one of them. I love it here, it is unbelievably beautiful!

Cascade mountains

Everything is covered with moss which is both magical and destructive. But lets focus on the magical part! It's like living in a fairy tale. 

There's more photos after the break, a by more I definitely mean more! 


river rocks

River drift wood


Cascade river rocks

River water fall

Can you spot the face in the mossy rocks? My mother in law pointed it out! Can you believe this real? I told you it's like an enchanted forest. 

glacier river

The water was so cold! I put my hand in for just a second to get a rock for A and it was numb! It was only about 30° where we went.

cascade mountains

cascade mountains

We found this tiny landslide once we got onto dirt roads, there was a lot of small ones, this was the biggest it had washed away part of the road. Very scary, I can't image seeing on happen on person.

Cascade mountains

It would be impossible to take a bad picture of this! If it had been up to me we would have stopped every 10 minutes to take pictures and we would have made it about a mile from home. I can't wait to go back, hopefully not in the rain! I image it'll be beautiful in the fall!

Where's your favorite day trip destination?

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