Friday, October 23, 2015

Scribs Farm one year later

January in washington


Misty Morning

We've officially been on the farm for a year. I'm a bit late, are you surprised? It seemed to have both flown by and taken forever. We've learned a lot, had some pretty stressful times (Hello flooded field!) and learned exactly what is important. The kids are so much happier here. If I let Nature Baby be in charge, she'd never come in the house. I foresee more animals in our future! We've seen the progress we've been making and it's so satisfying. Google maps updated their maps (this happens every 3-4 years) I can see the difference from above. Our garden is in there, and the compost we've built, no coop or removal of garbage hill.

pretty sky

morning fog

Chickens (The coop and eggs!)
Garden (July,  June, and May)
Living room redo I still can't believe it's the same room in the same house.
Wild life (and here)
Finding the Elephant Hawk Moth I still haven't seen any signs of another.

runner duck

Redneck chicken


Garbage hill
Living next to a berry field, the sound machine. My goodness, I'm not looking forward to it again next year.

To Dos this year
Paint kid's rooms
Fence both for the yard and field
Paint hall way and back entry
Screen door for backdoor
Play set for the kids
Switch Septic field to a wild flower mix.

Next 5 years
Reside the barn
Landscaping - I want big trees!
Patio with a pergola
Re-insulate, new windows, basically get this house warm in the winter
Paint the kitchen cabinets

misty mountains

This year, I don't think my hands have ever been clean and I've never worked so hard in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm excited for the future, for myself, the kids and the farm. We have a plan for the direction we'd like to head and some ideas on how to get there. I have finally gotten my knitting mojo back and now I'm starting to consider sheep. We'll see what the future brings.


Elephant Hawk Moth in Washington
Being here, I've found a sense of calm. I wake up happy. I'm no-longer as cynical, hating everything and everyone. Maybe that comes with age or maybe that comes with finding and being somewhere that feels right. People in the Pacific North-West, in my experience, are happier because they want to be here. The first thing we noticed upon moving from California is that people here are nice, they are friendly, they're willing to tell you about cool new things to do and see. We spend time outside, exploring! It's green, the wildlife isn't trying to kill you and you can be outside without worrying about extreme heat and the ground moving.


leaf in puddle

For the first time in a really long time, maybe ever, I'm still and I'm happy.

lawn gnome

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