Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cost per dozen September.

Cost of Raising chickens

The girls still haven't reached their laying peak. They've definitely laid more eggs this month than last. Both ducks are now laying pretty consistently too. Duck eggs are larger than chicken and taste pretty much the same. I do have a suspected egg eater on my hands. I'm not sure if she's been eating ones that are cracked or if she's pecking them. Who am I kidding? She's pecking them and it's one of the Rhode Island Reds. I caught her with egg on her face. Literally.

Right at the beginning of September we needed feed and shavings and again a week ago, bringing out total chicken costs $98.54. We have 2 bags of shavings (that'll last 6 weeks) and a bag and a half of feed ( should last 2 weeks depending how much they're outside and we have one less chicken.) I'm trying to figure out why Ragnar died and how to make sure the rest of the girls are healthy. I picked up some grit ($8.49) and some stuff for mites ($5.98), either of those won't hurt. The girls need some grit on the days they stay in the coop.

cost per dozen

Here's the break down
Eggs 306 (that's 72 more eggs this month)
25.5 dozen
that's an average of 10.2 eggs per day
Cost of supplies $98.54
Cost per dozen $3.39

I also sold 4 dozen, that covers a bag of shavings. I've just started to sell my eggs for $3 per dozen.

The kids are still enjoying having a ton of eggs, hopefully this will keep up.
Our costs were a bit high this month as we had a few unexpected purchases, but we're still on track with the grocery store.

During October we're going to need to do some weather proofing for the coop, hopefully we can still keep our cost under $4 a dozen.

Here's my August recap

As it turns out, I've developed a sensitivity to eggs. Meaning I can't digest them much like an intolerance to lactose. The only solution is to avoid eating eggs. Great. I've been starting to test exactly how much I can eat without feeling like I ate a brick made of glass. Last week, I made a dutch baby for dinner using 6 eggs. I ate maybe a quarter. That was too much egg. The experiments will continue.

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