Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Goodbye garbage hill

We discovered that what we had thought was just a place the previous owner had fires was actually their trash burning pile. Had we known that, we would have had it removed before we bought the farm. Lesson learned. This is definitely a job we knew that we'd have to call someone to take care of.

trash pile

We were planning on putting berries there, but put them elsewhere. We are put the chicken coop over there but then we discovered the disaster. After a little digging around (literally) we discovered that we have a giant burnt trash pile. Scribs dug down about 3 feet and it's full of nails, broken glass, melted plastic and who knows what else.

Burned stump

concrete block
That whole L shape is full of junk. There is concrete in there and rocks and who knows what else. Whats with the giant concrete cube? Beats me! Oh the treasure that must be in there! 

rotten stump

And then there is the lovely stump that grows mushrooms every time it rains. That needed to go before the chickens are let loose. Chickens aren't the brightest birds and will eat mushrooms given the chance. The stump was huge! The hole was big enough to bury a smart car. 

The lovely tractor tire that was dug up! There was a buried TRACTOR TIRE! What?!

 All that dirt was from digging up the stump. I wish I would have been able to get better pictures but you know, kids to watch, things to do!

More random trash, bricks, metal bits, thankfully nothing that would have caused a serious problem. 

Yes that is a garden hose and parts of old clay pipes. I found more pipes in the garden. The thing that looks like a bone is a part of the stump roots. The man dug a hole about 20 feet deep to get that sucker out.

Several dump truck trips to the dump to get rid of all the trash and several trips to get clean fill. And Garbage Hill is no more!

Ta-Da! Much better! Now we're waiting for the grass to go in, it's been seeded and watered (constantly).

I am so glad Garbage Hill will be a distant memory and our yard will look normal! We certainly weren't expecting to have to get this done, but it's one of those things that had to be fixed.

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