Friday, May 15, 2015

chickens week 10!

Here's our new little lady, Peepers, the Wellsummer. The chickens spent their first week in the coop, it's much better than the brooder.

wellsummer pullet

Isn't she pretty? Our neighbor brought her over last night and so far she has just been on the roosts, I'm sure she'll come around soon. 

Chicks 10 weeks

This is what happens every time we open the people-door. Almost all the chickens come over to see what's going on. Then they stand right on the edge and look around. 

10 week buff orpington

4 week khaki campbell

Then the jerky-ducks start pushing the chickens out. They are kind of bullies! I think it's hilarious. 

10 week chickens

Our Red Sex Link, Nancy Drew (the smaller one) and the other with no name are the first to really roost. Nancy Drew hangs out on the roost and no-name likes to sit on the frame work inside the coop. 

10 week free range

And this happens when the ducks get too-pushy. I think everyone has had a little bit of outside time, in 2 week we'll start letting them have real outside time and work our way up to outside all day. 

Check out the coop tour on Wednesday!

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