Friday, May 22, 2015

Chickens at 11 weeks

RIR 11 weeks

Every week I still think they are little peepers! Turns out they are actual chickens now. When the kids and I go out in the morning, I open the chicken door for a while and let them come out if they so choose. Only a few have been so brave and only 1 has gone back in the coop by herself. That would be Nancy Drew, she comes out, eats and pecks around for a while and hops on the ramp and goes back in.

11 weeks
Ragnar the Rooster is almost always the first to jump out. That little guy (who makes the funniest noises right now!) loves to be outside. I took him over to the other side of the yard with kids so he could explore. I figured if he is going to be in charge he needs to learn his surroundings. He mostly stayed right by us. I did see him checking the skies a time or two, that's a good start.

11 weeks

And then there's the ducks. Trying to catch those little buggers is a huge pain. They block the door most of the time, take one step out on the ramp and then try and go back in. about half the time they miss and fall out of the coop. They are perfectly happy to be outside (unless they are separated) and are a huge paint try and get back in!
6 week ducks


Our garden is a bit over run with slugs right now, lucky for them I round 'em up every morning for a breakfast treat. You're welcome!

Every few days someone else figures out the roosting situation. There was 5 chickens on 2 roosts last night. Peepers has been leading the way for everyone. She still stays mostly by herself except and  night when it's a chicken snuggle-fest.

nipple waterer

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