Sunday, May 10, 2015

The day for Mothers


All the wonderful, honest and inspirational things have already been said about Mothers and Motherhood. I'm not about to rehash it all, but today is a day to honor of Motherhood in all it's forms. It's hard, am I right? 

This year marks my third year with the most important title. Mother. I am mother with every fiber of my being, every cell, every atom. Everything. I honor and cherish my title and wear it with pride. Those two little munchkins are my reason for being. 

My mother was a working mom. She taught me to work hard, stand up for myself and do what I thought was right. Yes Mom, I was listening. Even though there were a few rough years, I was paying attention. I understand now the reason she did everything that she did. I understand every punishment, every curfew, every extracurricular activity. I understand that it wasn't easy to raise a stubborn, fiercely independent child. I was going to do it my way whether anyone liked it or not. Not much as changed in that regard.

When Scribs and I got married, I became a part of a slightly crazy, love filled family. I lived with my Mother-in-Law for 6 months while Scribs was away right after we were married. We had a great time, and I miss seeing her everyday. Her visits aren't nearly as long enough or often enough. 

I'm very blessed for my family, in-laws and friends. I live the life I want and am so grateful on this day (and everyday) for all that I have. My children have wonderful role models in their lives both biological and not, for them I am grateful. 

Being apart of the Mother-club should give us all a little more compassion for each other. Was it really so long ago that my kids were up all night crying and it took 6 hours to get them to sleep at night due to colic? During the last 3 years I have dropped all of my parent-judging, who am I to say anything about someone else's lives? Being a Mother means being all things to someone all the time, that is the hardest thing to do, but we do it everyday. Not just today, but everyday we, Mothers, need to hold each other up and support each other. 

For me, Mother's day is about saying Thank you but mostly I get it. Saying I'm grateful doesn't express the magnitude. I don't take anything for granted and cherish every moment (even when I want to rip my hair out because no one is listening) as I know they don't last long. 

Keep it up Moms, you're doing great. If everyone is happy, healthy, clean and asleep at the end of the day it was a success. 

And of course, this!

Am I right, Ladies?

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