Thursday, May 7, 2015

DIY Pallet compost

6 pallet compost

This spring I cleared out our compost dune making the garden. We also had a compost tumbler that just wasn't cutting it for our needs. Scribs decided to make a new 3 walled compost bin for our new compost pile.

Materials required

6 pallets (or 3)
6 T posts and driver or mallet
a few scraps of 2x4
Zip ties or bailing wire

Time: about an hour for 1 person with 2 kids running around
Difficulty: Easy
This project cost us $36 for the T posts. The pallets were free.

First thing, drag your pallets where you want 'em and line 'em up.

diy 3 walled compost

Drive or pound a T post into the ground where the center of the pallet will be. Stand the pallet up and attach with zip ties or bailing wire. Repeat 3 times. This will make the back wall. 

6 pallet compost

Attatch the pallets together with scrap bits of 2x4.
Do the same thing on the ends to create the side walls and again in the middle for the middle divider. You can easily make 3 sections with an extra pallet.

diy compost bin

Screw the sides and center pallets to the back and add extra support by using scraps of 2x4 attach the side walls and center wall and side walls. Our center pallet ended up being a bit of a different size, we added an extra block. 

6 pallet compost bin

TA-DA! Easy peasy lemon squeezey. You can easily cut this in half and make a smaller, 3 walled compost bin or add 2 more t posts and slide a pallet over it for a removable 4th wall.

3 walled compost bin

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