Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday Motivation (on a Tuesday!)

Monday Motivation

Did you have a relaxing long weekend? We had some decidedly not-fun things to do (get new tires, grocery shopping on the Saturday of a long weekend. Bleck!), But it was a productive week! My garden is 100% planted! There will be more on that Thursday. Scribs and I weeded our strawberry patch, let me tell you putting them where the compost was, was both a great and stupid idea. Everything is growing great, weeds included! I moved one massive pile of compost, 2 left and only found 2 wasp or hornet hives, 1 bone and 1 livestock tag.

I'm hoping this week I can get my new clothes line up (Thank you MIL!), laundry detergent made (have you ever made your own?),  garden weeded, and deck swept. Not too much. It's been cooler here this week, I hope it continues. I like wearing pants and a sweatshirt, I know soon enough I'll be in shorts sweating like there's no tomorrow.

What are you working toward this week?

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