Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chicken coop

The coop is finished and outside! I've got to give it to Scribs, he did a great job! He made the whole thing, painted, roofed, made the feeder and water-er, and will be putting up a gutter and rain barrel. Good job, Scribs!



Nice sturdy base 




All framed out. 

fold up roosts

fold down poop deck
The roosts and poop-deck fold down for easy cleaning. We did our first cleaning and I did bump my head a few times and bumped the water-er but after a few times I think I'll get it. Way WAY easier to clean than the brooder box. 

The coop was a bit of a challenge to get outside. Thankfully the brut-strength team will work for ice cream!


The coop is nice and high off the ground, no predators will be tunneling into this fort. The chickens will be nice and high if (more like when) we get flooded again. If the water reaches the floor of the coop we've got bigger problems!

nesting boxes
Nesting boxes with a happy yellow door when the girls are ready. 

pvc feeder
We put the feeder on the people-door for easy access, holds nearly 25 lbs of feed. 

PVC waterer
The nipple water-er is great, those girls empty it in just over 2 days. Sure beats going out 5 times a day to re-fill. 


There she is, I think Scribs did a great job! We are adding a gutter and rain barrel soon. 

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