Friday, May 8, 2015

Chickens week 9

The coop is outside and the flock is inside! And our neighbor is giving us her Welsummer (I think) Peepers, this weekend. All of her chicks except one were eaten by an opossum. We'll gladly bring her home!

Here's the girls now

4 week khaki campbell

khaki campbell

buff orpington red sex link rid

4 week duck

9 week rir

red sex link

The ducks are enjoying their time outside swimming, they get dirty. They no longer peep, they quack! The chickens are just about done with peeping they are mostly clucking. Barred Simpson (the barred Rock) is kind of a jerk, I'm hoping with more room she'll be nicer. 

I am a broken record no more! The chickens are in their home! I can't wait until they figure out the roosts! I'll be sharing a coop tour in 2 weeks, and next week there will be a new girl to introduce, she's a beaut!

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