Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baby knits!

I have no WIPS for this Wednesday, I figured I'd look ahead to my next project.
Some friends of ours are having some babies this summer and fall. Now that I have nothing in terms of WIPS (except fixing all the ends of the under the sea blanket) I'm looking forward to making some teeny tiny things. I have about 30 things I'd like to make in my ravelry queue (and of course, no yarn to make them). Good thing these people live in New England with seasons!
Decisions, decisions.

From the Purl Bee

 From Craft Foxes

From Kasia Smolak

From Pickles

From Barbara Ajroldi

From Jupiter Modeles (Good thing I know French)

From Petite Purls 

From Rasmilla

From Silk and Wool

From Universal Wool

From Natually Caron

From Christine Rouville

From Annypurls 

From Sorren Kerr

1 from the Purl Bee
2 from Craft Foxes
3 from Kasia Smolak on Ravelry
4 from Pickles
5 from Barbara Ajroldi on Revelry
6 from Jupiter Modeles
7 from Shelley D Jones
8 from Rasmilla on Ravelry
9 from Silk and Wool
10 from Universal Wool
11 from Naturally Caron
12 from Christina Rouville
13 from Annypurls on Ravelry
14 From Sorren Keer on Ravelry

What do you think? Which would you choose?

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