Friday, May 29, 2015

The chickens are 12 weeks!

Holy moly 3 months old! This morning 10 ladies were roosting when I opened their windows.
Ducky and Goldman Quacks are a huge pain! They push the other chickens out of the coop or block the door. They haven't figured out the ramp yet, and are fast little runners. Trying to put them in at night isn't a fun task.

12 week chickens

12 Weeks

The chicken door is opened around 10 am everyday and we put them back around 8:30, sometimes theres no one to put in. There is a huge opossum living under the neighbors barn, I'm worried if I open the door earlier it will get in.

buff orpington red sex link rir khaki campbell

khaki campbell ducks

Goldman Quacks showing off her wings. Those silly ducks, I wonder if they think they can fly?
Some come outside everyday, some not so much. Nancy Drew (red sex link) seems to be by far the smartest. She comes and goes as she pleases.
Ragnar and Faux-Roo seems to be getting along, we'll see how long that lasts!

Faux-Roo Nanncy Drew
Faux-Roo and Nancy Drew. We're not sure if Faux-Roo is a rooster or not, I suppose I could just check for boy parts. 

I try to bribe them to come out with various weeds from along the grass. They seem into it. Once they're out, they're happy. A few have gone for adventures as far as the barn. They mostly hang out around their coop.

12 week pullet

free range outside chickens

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