Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday motivation

bumble bee

This weekend was great! It was warm and sunny. The kids played outside and so did the chickens!

This week my to-do list is longer than usual as my parents are coming on Wednesday. You know the drill, company's coming cleaning! I'm not looking forward to washing the floors. We have hand-scraped wood in the kitchen, dining room and play room and there's crumbs and bits of sand in between them. How the heck do you get that mess out? I've vacuumed and swept. Hmmm, perhaps Pinterest will know.

My deck is kind of a mess, there's toys, random junk and bird poop all over. I bet a certain 3 year old will hose it down for me. 

I'm looking forward to having help around the house! What needs to get done and what is being accomplished are two very different animals. How does anyone get anything done with non-nappers?

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