Monday, March 21, 2016

garden kit 2 weeks

two weeks

Finally, everything has germinated! I was really starting to think all the peppers were duds, but Sunday morning (13 days since planting) we finally have some signs of life. A teeny tiny little sprout and should be a leaf by the end of the day. So far that's it for the peppers, two out of ten. 


Out of the 50 pods, we have 35 that have germinated. Not terrible, I'm still hopeful for the rest of the peppers. We're still spraying them twice a day with a spray bottle, they're not ready for big drinks just yet. But soon!

2 weeks after planting

I'm not sure how but nearly every tomato plant has too seedlings in there. I guess thats what happens when you plant with a two year old. 

yabani ratatouille kit

Everything is definitely growing towards the window, I turn the whole thing every few days so they straighten up. It has been gross and rainy most of the days since planting, you definitely don't need a grow light to get the seeds started. The zucchinis are getting big and will need to be transplanted soon, I'll be putting them in self-waterers and planting some Brussel sprouts in the soon-to-be-empty pods by the end of the week. 

Yabani seeds

Seriously, 10 zucchini. What was I thinking? I'm only putting 1 plant in the garden so looks like I'll be giving a lot away. My neighbor said she'd like some and she knows some people that would like some too. She is giving me some strawberry plants, fair trade! 

So far I'm really pleased with the results, we see how it continues until transplant. Need a refresher since last week? Here it is!

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