Thursday, March 31, 2016

Diy self-watering planter

DIY self waterers

I have been making these self-watering planters for years. They're great! Start to finished you're looking at about 7 minutes. Whomever came up with this is a genius. Straight up, smarty-pants. Check out my super-over simplified directions after the jump.

DIY self watering planter

Here's what you're going to need.
Seeds or seedlings, either will work, I've used both
Potting mix or seed starting mix
a plastic bottle, with cap any size. 2 liters work great they're my go to, except I didn't have any on hand and didn't feel like going out to buying some soda and then attempting to drink it. The brown bottles are from Arizona Arnold Palmer. I love me some AP and these bottles are perfect.
A sharp knife and/or scissors. I used both.
String of some kind, you're going to want something in a natural fiber that is biodegradable if you're going to plant it directly into your garden. You could pull it out, but that's an extra step and I'm oh so lazy!

First up, wash your bottles, pull off the labels if you want.
Upcycled bottle self waterers

With your knife, carefully cut the bottle. I like to cut it 2/3rds of the way down, leaving the top half bigger. Cut your string slightly longer than your bottle. Carefully, make a hole in the cap big enough for your string to fit through. Thread the string and tie a knot on the inside of the cap.

upcycled planters bottle

Put the cap on, pull the string so it's hanging out the top.

up cycled plastic bottles

Fill the bottom quarter (or so) with potting mix for already started seedlings or all the way for seeds. Put the seedling in the middle, fill the rest of the way.

Epicycle plastic bottles

Upcycled waterers

Fill the bottom of the bottle most of the way with water and put the top half cap side down into the water. The string will wick the water up to the roots and all you need to do is remember to check the bottom and add water as needed.

Start seedling indoors

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey. It really can't get any simpler to start seedlings indoors.

Are you growing a garden this year?

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