Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wip Wednesday

I really haven't made much progress since last month, I'm disappointed to say. But who wants to knit at 8pm, when its 80 degrees inside, you've been up and going non-stop since 4 or 4:30, especially with worsted weight wool!
Rosie has arrived! Healthy and adorable! Even that wasn't motivation get get my hands moving.

Eli Dress Front

And then there's Michelle. That lady is a hardcore knitter. I'm starting to think she's a motivational-knitting-robot. Every time she updates her blog with something she's finished or working on I pick up my WIPS that day.

Eli Dress Back
I had some issues with follow this pattern, mainly because I've been tired and not paying attention. I did want any too-tired to think knitter does uses stitch makers to make sure I'm doing each section right. It's an amateur move but guess what it's prevented me from having to go back and count over and over again. Counting stitches in low light is not fun.


I only have 10 rows left of the Eli Dress, then finishing and blocking. I should be able to get it done this week, unless of course some disaster happens. I'd like to make another for Nature Baby, perhaps in a sport weight. I'll add it to my queue, it's already enormous!


Oh boy does this little lady need a good blocking!

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