Monday, April 20, 2015

Tied and Timber fiber arts

This ain't your grandma's macramé! My wonderful friend Janelle and her business partner Tarryn just launched their beautiful website Tied and Timber. They make really cool fiber art in Nashville, and even use natural dyes upon request! What could be better than a small business selling awesome decor that's made in America, and run by women! Bonus!

I've been drooling over their beautiful creations ever since I saw their first one! Here is the Tied and Timber Etsy shop. I would absolutely put one in every room! I'd love one for each of the kid's rooms once I get around to decorating.

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The orb-hanger and the last black and white are my favorite! I'm not-so-discretly dropping hints around the house! I even have a hook in my kitchen ready to go.

Check 'em out and I'd love to know what's your favorite piece?

I am in no way compensated for this post, I just love sharing cool things in hopes that someone else will find something they love. I'll make it extra easy for you too, Web, Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest

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