Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Laundry room deep clean, the results!

I'm so glad I tackled the laundry room in March. It was a messy non-functioning space. Now it's clean, organized and ready to be useful. Honestly, the one thing that made the biggest difference was cleaning the window. Who knew!

Here's what it looked like before if you need a refresher!

First thing I did was take all the recycling out to the barn, and put a bin on the deck. Everything goes right out as soon as it's clean. Junk mail doesn't even make it into the house. Next I took down those awfulcloset doors. They didn't service us any purpose, I think they've been closed once since we moved in, they didn't even have pulls on them. Out they went to the barn. Just taking down those doors made the room feel twice as big. I added contact paper to the shelf above that washer and dryer. The shelf wasn't in great shape, at least now it looks better. All the junk is now put away. The washer and dryer are clean! I hate scrubbing the seal of my washer. It was DISGUSTING when we moved in and needs a little extra help every now and then despite drying and leaving it open after each use. Why hasn't someone come up with a better system yet?

I cleaned everything. Walls, ceiling, scary space around the hot water heater, shelves, drawer, everything. Surprisingly there wasn't too much junk, it was just kind of all over the place. All the winter gear has been washed and put away for the season. I have a whole empty counter! Except for the little lamp that gets haul out any time we need extra light.

I'm so happy with the results. Doing laundry is much easier now that there is room to walk. The kids can easily get what they need to go out and throw their wet stuff right in the washer when they come in. I could have easily spent a ton of money and bought beautiful storage boxes and shelves but I'm a firm believer that you can make do with what you have and only buy what you really need.

This room is in no way beautiful, this process isn't about redecorating my house, it's about getting it clean, organized and functional. I'm sure to some this looks like a "before" and thats ok. I now have a space that works. I have room for my vacuum! I can't tell you how excited I am about that! Prior to March, it was behind my bathroom door. That alone is a huge success! I have some plans for this room in the future but for now it'll do!

Cleaning my house was my new year's resolution. Are you still on track with yours?

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