Monday, April 13, 2015

monday motivation

moon and clouds

Scribs made some great progress on the chicken coop this weekend. I can't wait to get those chickens in there! They are rowdy and ready for more room! All that is left is painting, roofing and their feeder and waterer! I'll share as soon as it's finished.

We did some light landscaping, just like my light weeding. Our neighbors trees have been creeping into our yard for what looks like years. When we're done we'll gain another 30'x5' strip. Scribs lumber-jacked our stinky laurel tree! Our deck looks much bigger without it and a lot of bugs are gone!

The weather was crazy this weekend! It was beautiful all week and then at around 11 on Friday it got super windy (6mph to 23mph within a few minutes) with cold wind, dark clouds but didn't rain until the evening. Then it was supposed to rain all day Saturday and Sunday. That didn't happen, of course!

Last week I did manage to get my floors vacuumed, not that you can tell! The lawn was cut and we were told not to bother with straw for the garden. We are lucky enough to know a master gardener (or two) and he said we were just making more work for ourselves. Now to build up our garden rows and get things planted! Hopefully by the end of next week everything will be planted.

I tweaked my back putting groceries into the car on Saturday. How? I'm not really sure. Dummy move for sure. I'm still laid up but after 2 days of laying around with a heating pad I've got things to do, I definitely don't have time for this!

This week I need to get a good cleaning done in the house as my Mother-in-law will be visiting next week.  I can't wait until she gets here! I'll be cleaning all the things that no one will notice, no one but me like dining chairs and light switches. Most of my house has been deep cleaned (remember? here, & here), so it shouldn't take too long. Do you do a company-is-coming, crazy person clean?

What are you working towards this week?

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