Friday, April 24, 2015

The chickens are 6 weeks!

I can't believe the little peepers are 6 weeks! A few are no longer peeping and doing an almost cluck! The ducks are 2 weeks and they are almost as big as the chickens! This week the started trying to quack, it's not quite a real quack yet, but it's coming! Ragnar and Barred are 4 weeks, they are starting to get their head feathers! They are in the their ugly stage while the rest are full chickens. Ragnar has a dark spot on the back of his head. It goes nicely with his blue head.

The ducks continue to be hilarious. They nibble the chicken's toes when the chickens are up high. Ragnar has started to jump around and the rest of the big girls are being very chicken-y. They dig in their shavings and when they're put outside have started exploring. I'm hoping Scribs gets the coop finished soon. He's a busy guy but those stinky chickens need more room. The ducks are almost as big as the 6 weekers.

Here they are!

2 week ducks

Nancy Drew is the one with the white, she is our mystery bird, we're not sure what she is.

barred rock

The ducks are about the same size as the 6 weekers and definitely bigger than the 4 weekers.

duck photobomb

That cuckoo Chanel is a tricky lady. She is super hard to get in a picture without her being a blur.

rir rooster

Little Ragnar has yet to lose his head fluff and blue boy spot from the sexing.

Those ducks are so silly! They're starting to get their tail and wing feathers. They make the silliest, quiet squeak toy sounds. 

6 week rhode island red

One of the Rhode Island Reds and Cuckoo Chanel pecking around for who knows what. And of course a duck bum.

6 week rir

This is the most pictures of Cuckoo Chanel not being a blur I've been able to get ever! She's becoming a pretty lady!

4 week rir rooster

No one escaped while taking these pictures, unlike last week. I'm crossing my fingers that next week they'll be in the coop, their brooder has had it!
I'm amazed how quickly they've grown into real chickens! My instagram feed is filled with chicks, love those little fluffers! 

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