Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Living room part three Paint choices!

Picking paint colors is hard! Who knew there was so many greys and whites! Do you go with what you like or the old adage "Take the color you like and go two shades lighter"? We wanted something classic to go with our 100 year old farm house. 

We brought home about 20 different grey paint chips. They all looked great in the store then we got them home and put them on top of the wainscoting and waited. And waited. Finally we narrowed it down to two greys and two whites. 
valspar voyage

valspar Bistro white
The paints we were considering are
Valspar Metropolis (Top Right of each sample)
Valspar Voyage (Top Left of each sample)
Valspar Bistro white (Top white)
Valspar Ultra-white (Bottom white)

We went back to Lowe's and bought 4 samples. Always buy samples! They're cheap and SO worth it. We painted about a 18"x18" square on two walls. Why two walls? One has direct sunlight in the morning and one is ALWAYS indirect. The colors look different depending on the time of day, natural light and even the bulbs in the lights, as you can see in the above photos. Both pictures were taken at the same time of day. Big difference! We left the paint samples up for about 2 weeks before choosing the winners. I'm going to be honest, the samples I picked where not the winners and I definitely can't tell the difference between the whites.

Which ones did we pick? Wait and see. The transformation is so good! What would you have picked?

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