Monday, February 2, 2015

Clean up my messy house February project

Cleaning my kitchen was a big project! I expect that cleaning and organizing my tiny bathroom filled with junk will be easy in comparison. We have a lot of stuff that we don't need or use shoved into not a lot of cabinet space. 
I just put everything in there when we moved and called it a day. There are still things in ziplock bags that we haven't used since August or earlier. Here's our messy truth. 

Not terrible, not great but could be better. Yes, there is always a sink full of bath toys! I think I need to start putting them back in the tub after everyone was bathed. My goal for this month is to deep clean the bathroom, everything out of the vanity, clean and adjust the shelves, clean the drawers, and under the sink. The floor and grout needs a good scrubbing and the tub, toilet and sinks could use new caulking. I'm glad I picked the smallest room in the house for the shortest month of the year. I still need to finish the baseboards for the dining room and put them back on. And paint N's dresser. 

I really want to replace the vanity but I'll settle for fresh paint, but that's a project for another day!

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