Friday, February 6, 2015

30 day photo challenge review

I completed most of the 30 day challenge. I definitely skipped some of the days, subjects and didn't post some as well. I did use manual settings for each day (without starting in auto to check the settings, that's cheating!) and by the end of the month I had a pretty good idea what settings to use. I consider the challenge to be a success. I learned a lot, and I think took some good pictures. These ones are my favorite.

photo challenge





close up

I think the heron would be my favorite as it obviously wasn't planned. I would put every one of these on my wall except the one of me, that's just weird. 
I think I might try it again in the summer when everything looks different or I will try another as I had said before that is more technique driven.

Here's the challenge links 1234567910111213, 15 2122242628

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