Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Motivation

Last week was busy and flew by! I accomplished almost everything I wanted to, writing it down definitely help keep me focused and on track! I even went out and took some photos. It was a beautiful weekend, I couldn't have asked for more. This week I hope to
  • Finished all the painting and touch-ups in my dining room! Hurray! Pictures to come this week! It's a good before and after!
  • Finished deep cleaning and organizing the bathroom. I finished my February deep clean a whole week early! Pictures coming soon! I had no idea it was so gross in there! How do you get dog hair on the ceiling? I'm ready to start another room for March, but can't decided between my bedroom or the Laundry room.
  • I need to get my lawn cut! I started cutting it last week and ran out of gas. Oops! We mow about an acre with a push mower. It's a project.
I didn't finish N's dresser. I have 1 spot left to touch up. One of the drawers was pushed over by the window while the big barn door was opened. There's a big chunk of paint that needs to be fixed. Oh yes, and I need to spray paint the handles. This week it will be done!

Some of our garden supplies arrived this week, that means it's time to get out butts moving! There was frost Friday night for the first time in about a week. Soon it'll be time to plant! We haven't even started prepping the garden yet. There will be a big post on that coming up in a few weeks.

washington peaks

How beautiful this that mountain? I'm going to be a bit sad when the leaves come in and my views are obstructed! What are your goals this week?

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