Thursday, February 26, 2015

First plant, planted! Lilacs

Few things remind me of childhood like the scent of lilacs floating on the warm breeze. Scrib's talks fondly about the lilacs outside his childhood home.
Last year when we moved to the farm I ordered Syringa Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilac from White Flower Farm. The plant arrived in October, ready to be planted and remain dormant for the winter. I was so impressed with White Flower Farm, I had ordered a different lilac that I saw in a magazine, they called me to say that the one I had chosen wouldn't grow well in our area and offered some suggestions. The man I spoke with (who's name I can't remember) was very helpful! I'm impressed that they called, instead of just canceling or sending an email. Here's how the plant arrived.

October 2014





Lilac packaging

Lilac ready to plant
ready to plant

out of box

Planting was super easy, follow the directions and pretty much forget about it. 

February 2015
I was beginning to get a bit worried when everything had buds except for our little lilac. Turns out I just need some patience.
first spring

first spring buds
I'm not expecting big things this year, but can't wait for next year, we should have some good blooms! I want the kids to have great childhood memories with sticky popsicle fingers, skinned knees and the smell of lilacs.

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