Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Motivation

What a weekend we had! We went and picked up some chicks! I promise there will be more on the chickens really soon!

We had a lot of running around to do this weekend! Groceries, several trips to the hardware store, library, the kids of course needed to get outside! The never ending yard work! We had two juniper bushes under our big maple tree that we've been trying to get rid of. We are left with the ugly stumps. Have you ever tried to get rid of juniper bushes? Jeez Louise, what a night mare! Their roots are the devil. We picked up an ax at the hardware store, the handle literally broke in half after 4 swings. We're lucky the ax head didn't go flying! Needless to say that was trip number two to the hardware store. Lesson learned, next time buy Fiskars first and don't waste time!

This week I did get my washer and dryer cleaned! We had a few rainy days which were perfect days to clean. I still need to vacuum the dryer vent. There is some nasty lint and junk inside the actual machine that I'm not entirely sure how to remove. The vacuum doesn't reach inside, I tried taking the dryer apart at the access panel, no luck. Maybe I can suck it out from the outside. Any ideas?

This week I want to get the window in the laundry room clean, it's gross! I need to take the whole window and track out, give it a good scrub and unclog the drains in the track. The weather keeps changing every 5 minutes, I'm hoping to get a break and get it clean.

We are having our garden tilled this weekend, rain or shine. I need to get the compost spread so it gets worked into the soil. Scribs and I started Saturday during nap time. In an hour and a half we managed to cover a quarter of the area. Thats it. It's going to be a long process and I will be doing it this week in the rain. At least I don't need to go to the gym living on a farm!

spring is here

I hope this daffodil from my yard gives you hope that spring is coming! Hang in there East Coast!

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