Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March cleaning project

My laundry room is out of control! We have all of our coats and boots in there, the coat closet just doesn't work and we use the shelves for all kinds of storage.
Our hot water heater, furnace, washer and dryer all live in there. No options there! All of our recycling lives in there too. I'm going to move that to the barn and deck.

As much as I'd love to rip everything out and start from scratch it isn't in the budget, so I need to work with what I've got! 

Here's my disaster zone!

deep clean project

messy laundry room

The good news is we are low on most things that go on the shelves and I can wash and put away most of our winter accessories.

The window is disgusting. I need to take it apart, put in a new screen, clean to tracks, glass and frames. I would like to get some kind of blinds in there but thats not really my biggest concern right now.

I'm going to clean the washer and dryer again. The hot water heater is behind the brown door. It's scary in there! I don't want to, but I need to vacuum all the junk in there. I'm a bit afraid of what I may uncover!

I'm so motivated and actually excited to tackle this mess! I do laundry everyday and hate going in there.  
March is going to be busy and I'll be using a lot of elbow grease! Check back for the results at the end of the month! And of course don't forget January and February's clean up!

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