Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dining room redo: Project Code name Can of Worms.

It all started off with paint. easy-peasy. Then I couldn't get anything under the baseboards to prime and paint them. Simple let's take them off. Who knew baseboards were a lid of a can of worms. Prying those suckers off was a pain! There's about a million nails, nailed into God knows what! And then there's the gap into the abyss. Seriously, who builds a room with an exterior wall with a 2" gap between the floor and the wall and then puts a wind machine inside the walls.

red to grey paint

One of the boards cracked and broke in half, I put the pry-bar through the 1/4" dry wall in 1 spot. Again, who builds a room using quarter inch dry wall.
I primed the window frame. I don't know why but every time I prime with either a brush or roller it ends up being an uneven mess. After priming came sanding. That made and huge dusty mess but at least it's smooth.

To fix the baseboard I used wood glue and clamped it. The next day I used wood-filler, let it try, sanded, primed and painted. I can still tell it's cracked but only I can tell. 

Thank goodness I managed to get the baseboard fixed, filled and painting without any other problems. 
All the patching, priming, sanding, paining and touch-ups were uneventful, it just took forever!
I cleaned the light fixture, let me tell you it was disgusting.

I still need to do something with the light fixture. I hate it, there's nothing wrong with it. I just don't like it. I'd also like to replace the blinds with roman shades, curtains would be too much as they'd take up 2 of the 3 walls.

Here's the after.

 I'm always amazed at how much a difference paint can make! I really want a large fiber-art wall hanging for that blanket wall!

breakfast nook

bright white trim

What do you think? Any ideas for that light fixture?


  1. It's funny what you find in old houses. We were going to take the floral paneling off of our living room walls and paint the plaster underneath, but what we found was a layer of plaster that had a 6 inch gap between it and the floor, then another layer of fabric wall paper, then shiplap siding. So we just left it like it was and painted the top layer of panelling. It wasn't so bad because they had nice trim and chair rail on top of it. That was like 8 years ago. Now we've started sprucing up our kitchen and I can testify that paint makes a huge difference. Just changing from yellow to white paint and adding white paint to the cabinets has doubled the amount of light in the room!
    A website we used for inspiration for kitchen/ dining lighting was, but we're kind of cheap, so we're going to try to make our own version of one of their chandeliers.

    1. Our living room has 2" cedar walls with plaster, wallpaper (grey or silver with palm trees, oh la la!), drywall and then whatever stuff is put in the make the walls textured. Our door jams are 8" thick! That was definitely a great surprise!
      We are planning on painting the kitchen, maybe this winter? It's going to be a huge task. Just trying to keep the kids out of there will be a nightmare! I'll definitely check out the site, thank you!

      I am the queen of cheap!