Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Garden update

July Garden

Progress in the garden this year has been slow. And I mean at a snail's pace slow. The weather hasn't been great. This spring has been all over the place, nearly 90 one week and then barely into the 60s with lots of rain. Lots of rain means no bees flying around, no bees means less pollination which means less vegetables. Enjoy that little biology lesson? So far July has been pretty crummy too, it's only in the 60s. 60s! It's freaking July!



A lot still hasn't germinated, my poor beans didn't even bother to show up, so I replanted them and only 1 out of about 2 dozen was popped up. I think I have a bum batch, we'll see once the sun finally makes an appearance again.


There is some good news, we do have a some teeny-tiny tomatoes growing from the plants I started from the Ratatouille kit . Only one pepper plant has been eaten by rabbits, and the chicken fence is up around the garden. No free for all this year girls, sorry! The peppers are flowering and even growing tiny peppers! Hopefully we'll get a few this year. 

Tomato row

Every time I have attempted to go out and take real photos it has either been raining or started raining as soon as I put the camera together. So it goes. I did manage to get a few photos last week, and since then there has been progress!  We actually had some spinach and lettuce salad from the garden. It looks like the spinach is getting ready to dart. Bummer.



Our cucumbers are getting there, I have about 4 that are ready to be picked, not quite enough for a jar.  Soon! The first zucchini will be ready this week too. We'll see what happens with the rest. I'm not holding my breath. 


Pepper Blossoms


Eggplant thorns!



Bean vines

How's your garden growing? Hopefully a bit further along than mine!

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