Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nature Baby's room redo part two colors!

If I were to leave the decision making to Nature Baby her room would be bright pink and she'd love it, at least for now. That's not going to happen. I've been looking around online at some colors, I'm looking for something light, purpley-grey and no pink. No dark colors! The ceiling needs to be bright white.

Here's the samples.

The samples on the wall look a bit different, 1 is Galaxy Purple, 2 is Wisteria Tree, and 3 is Purple Potential. As per usual, I painted each sample under the white in different spots to see them with different light, and left them up for a week or so. Nature Baby loved number 2, but that's too dark!

purple samples

So there's the samples on the wall. What do you think? 

paint samples

HGTV Paint


I gave up on 3, it's too pink!

The paint samples covered really well with just 2 coats, I don't think I'll bother with a primer. I've patched the 95 million holes in the walls already and started painting the ceiling, having the paint and a bit of time, such a huge difference already!

What do you think? Which would you choose?

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