Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cost for Eggs October through December

dozen eggs molt

The girls were having a rough molt this fall. There were many days when the chickens did lay at all. Good thing the Ducks were pulling their own weight. I'm going to guess that they we got 3 eggs every other day for November. I really didn't keep track, I picked it up again for December. On a good day we'd get 3 eggs. The girls are still a bunch of messes. Half feathers everywhere! I spent the usual feed and shavings.

During November I'm guessing had 4 dozen eggs, I'm guessing we spend about $5 per dozen.
December we got 56 (4.7 dozen) eggs, I didn't go to the usual feed store instead I picked up some shavings and feed at my local tractor supply for $20. We added some vents to the coop and spent $52 for vents and hole saws.

I'm guessing we got the same amount in November, the cost being about $5 per dozen.
Cost per dozen for December $15.42

This year, not including the costs before the girls started laying, we ended up paying about $5.70 Per dozen, not great but not terrible either. I'm hoping the girls will start laying again since more of them have feathers again. Once I have more than a few eggs kicking around I can sell some more, I've had some people asking!

Come on January!

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