Monday, December 14, 2015

Day tripping to grouse mountain

Light walk

This weekend we took the kids up to Grouse Mountain. They, nay, we had a great time. We strolled around in the snow. The kids had never played in snow until this week. They were bundled and light-up booted. They ran and fell, threw snowballs and ate snow. We had lunch, A. told The Big Guy what he'd like for Christmas, Naturebaby watched the reindeer.

view from the top

To get to the top of the mountain there's a sky-train. The ride was nice, took about 10 minutes and the operator pointed out peaks, and wild life below. Whoo boy it's nice. Get ready for pictures of trees and snow.

melting stream

It was a few degrees above freezing, snow was melting off the trees like rain that sparkled in the sun, it was magical. 

target practice

Want to test your aim? Take a toss! 

Snowy trees

snowy trees

Day Trip

melting stream

We went hiking, the kids climbed and rolled around. All they wanted to do was eat snow and throw snow balls. 

Light walk

craved trees

playing in the snow

Snow slides!

Prancer and Dancer reindeer

Prancer and Dancer were hanging out outside Santa's workshop. 

view from the top

Views of mountains from the top of mountains. Delightful! It was so pretty, not at all busy and most important the kids had a great time. The kids would have been happy just to have played in the snow. This may not become and annual event but it's worth doing if you're in the area.

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