Thursday, September 24, 2015

Anders sweater for Simon

Guys, can I tell you how happy I am with this sweater? This is by far the best item I have made to date. I'm usually too lazy to go back and fix my mistakes unless they're huge. Not this time, no no. It's like I'm a grown up or something. I made this sweater for our friend Jef's squishy new baby, Simon. It should be delivered today, so it's safe to share.

Baby Sweater

This pattern was really easy to follow, the fair isle was fun and it was a quick knit. I made a 3 month size, I not sure that the sizing in the pattern in right as other on Ravelry have mentioned. Guess what, babies grow. Quickly! I nixed the vikkle braid on the wrist cuffs and bottom ribbing. I couldn't get the stitches tight enough, the row follow always looked like a sloppy fishing next. After 3 or 4 tries I quit. I know when I'm beat! As I mentioned in my WIP post, I had never done a vikkle braid and used the video below to figure it out.

Here she is, in all her glory! The

front or back sweater

It doesn't matter which side is the front or the back, the pattern doesn't specify, but I would put the buttons on the front. Speaking of buttons, that's the only part of the sweater I'm not 100% happy with. The spacing of the holes is a little off. Can you tell? Did you notice before I pointed it out? I should have noticed before I contiued but such is life. I noticed when I put the buttons on, the only way to fix it would have been to rip the whole the back to almost the starting. No thanks!

baby knit sweater

Here's the video again for the vikkle braid, it sure is pretty when it's done right.

top down

Wool of the Andes in Marina

I used size 5 and 6 needles, Knitpicks wool of the andes in Marina (which is MUCH greener in person. No matter the lighting or photo editing I just couldn't get the color right, see the above photo? Just a wee bit different) and dove heather with 18mm wood buttons. I had no idea what size of buttons I'd need, so I had to make an educated guess. Surprisingly, I didn't find that anyone else had listed button size on Ravelry. I asked a few people too!

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