Tuesday, October 31, 2017

We’ve sold the farm.

We’re moving. Across the country. With 2 kids. At the beginning of winter.

Scribs and I have talked about going back to the east coast for a long time and I knew it was coming some day. Some day always felt like some far off, fictional day, that would come. Eventually. But here we are, fictional days in the future are now reality with all the insane stress that goes with it. Oh and we had 3 weeks notice. 3 weeks to figure it all out.

It’s a big move for grownups and it’s been really hard on the kids and we haven’t even left yet. They’re grouchy, whinney, crying over silly things, nervous, excited. It’s hard for their little brains to understand. I get it. They want to help pack as much as they can. “I can put this in a box?” “Is this donate?” “Will my new school have a jungle gym?” “I want to invite so-and-so to my birthday” “I’m going to miss...”

I put so much work into this place to make it our home. I finished painting the kitchen less than a year ago, it’s gorgeous! One day when I figure out where everything is, I’ll post about it. I scrambled to paint the last room in the house before we listed the house, it looks great. I should have done it years ago. Our garden this year was a bust. All of the tomatoes I canned didn’t seal properly. That sucks.

We spent our last days with our dog Honey here. Mr. A just learned to ride a 2 wheeler. We discovered nature (good and bad), planted and ate so much good food and watched the kids really learn and understand parts of the world around us. We had the most snow in 8 years, a few minor floods and some crazy wind.

Last week (I think?) Scribs and I were sitting in the hot tub watching the stars. It was the first clear night in a while.  I was reminded how lucky we are to live here.

I know the East coast will be great. The kids will be near family for the first time, there will be real winter, they will experience so much that we have lived without. Moving is bittersweet. It’s hard, and stressful, and exhausting. Especially while trying to keep some sense of normal of the kids.

This chapter is ending but there is a new adventure around the corner.

(I wrote this on my phone, excuse any auto-corrects or anything else that doesn’t make sense)

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